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Barre Fundamentals Buy Bundle (14 videos) Barre Fundamentals

This course is designed to provide you with a background on the basics of barre exercise, to help you understand how to perform the exercises correctly and effectively. We feel that the “why” behind each exercise and section of the class is a very important part of performing the exercises correctly so that the workout is balanced, safe and effective. The exercise modules will describe the various barre exercises, including setups and variations. We will also discuss some common misalignments so you can look for them in your own body. We will then conclude the module with an example breakout of how each section of class would appear in an actual barre class. These exercise modules are intended to be paused and practiced on your own. In order to facilitate the best learning experience possible, please follow these steps:

  • Watch and listen to the setup cues and variations.

  • Practice and feel each exercise on your own body.

USD $129.00