Seat & Thigh Challenge

Dailey Seat & Thigh Challenge


I developed this three-day challenge to provide you with quick access to strengthening, toning and lengthening your gluteals (aka seat) and quadriceps.

Lower body power

  • Gives you greater power and strength for every activity you do as these muscles are primary movers
  • Speeds up your metabolism. These are some of the largest muscles in your body and by creating denser muscle mass it helps you burn more calories all through the day – not just when you’re exercising.
  • These muscles are the base that your spine lives on – so by strengthening these muscle groups you help support and stabilize your spine and posture.

Day One

Seat & Thigh Challenge: Day One

Seat & Thigh Challenge Day One
Tips: Backdancing for Seat & Thigh Challenge

Day Two

Seat & Thigh Challenge: Day Two

Seat & Thigh Challenge Day Two
Tips: Fold Over for Seat & Thigh Challenge

Day Three

Seat & Thigh Challenge: Day Three

Seat & Thigh Challenge Day Three
Tips: All 4's for Seat & Thigh Challenge