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Arms +

Designed to help you achieve the coveted “barre arms” and the confidence to match. Bonus- it's not just about your arms; you’ll get a full-body workout each time it's completed.

$29 without a subscription

Summer Strong

Don't let summer slow you down, instead let it propel you forward with this 20 day challenge.

$79 without a subscription

7-Day Core Intensive

A seven day workshop designed to be completed in 15 minutes per day with TWO full length classes on the final day.

$60 without a subscription

Dailey Arm Challenge

A highly effective 20-minute workout meant to be repeated to gain strength and tone.

$10 without a subscription

Stretch & Release

Relieve the soreness and tension built up in your body in this 45-minute class.

$30 without subscription

Seat & Thigh Express

Work your glutes and quads in this 3-day series designed to strengthen your lower body.

$30 without a subscription

Align Your Spine

Build a stronger core and move in optimal alignment by repeating this 30 minute class.

$30 without a subscription

Find Your Edge

Hone in on alignment, learn the fundamentals and challenge yourself with classic Dailey Method exercises.

$10 without a subscription

Add-on Programs

These programs come with an additional cost or can be purchased separately without a subscription.

Summer Strong 2024

30 days of (BRAND NEW) 30-minute classes to keep you moving and motivated this summer. Classes Start 6/1/24.

discount available for subscribers

Dailey Define 2.0

Elevate your strength with new classes in this 6 week series

discount available for subscribers

Dailey Define

Elevate your strength, build power, and sculpt your body with this 6-week virtual program.

discount available for subscribers

Barre Fundamentals

Achieve the anti-aging benefits of strength and mobility, plus the fundamentals of each barre movement.

Pre Post Natal

Your guide to safe movements to nurture your pregnancy and postpartum body.

Dailey Power

Kick up the intensity on your fitness routine with our new 21-day power program.

Peak Performance

Get your heart pumping and muscles burning, with this full-body barre workout series in just 20 minutes a day.

Dailey Strength Challenge

Gain strength and increase your metabolism, in just 5 efficient classes a week and repeat.